Frequently Asked Questions

Car Wash Services

To ensure the safety of our customers' vehicles, we do place some restrictions on the vehicles we wash. We cannot wash:

• Vehicles with excessive mud and mud clumps, or heavy ice buildup

• Extended, non-standard, or multi-ball hitches that cannot be removed prior to the wash

• Pickups with greasy 5th wheel hitch receivers (if it's not greasy, we can wash it)

• Vehicles with previous damage, such as rusted out holes, loose trim, loose metal, etc.

• Vehicles that are less than 3 1/2" off the ground

• Vehicles taller than 80"

• Oversized tires and rims, and/or under-inflated tires (maximum width is 12")

• Some full-sized vans and other oversized vehicles such as Hummers and Hummer H2s

• Trucks with dual rear tires

• Trucks or vans with ladders, ladder racks, oversized antenna, square bumper guards, and winches

Any loose debris in an open truck bed can be thrown from the bed and become a hazard to your truck as well as other vehicles in the wash, especially in the drying chamber.

Our Express Hand Dry service is available a la carte and in its own dedicated lane. The Express Hand Dry is included for free with our Express Interior.

Good question! Depending on your location, we have anywhere from 2 to 3 lanes. Here’s what to expect in each of the 3 lanes:
• QwikPass Members Only—reserved for our QwikPass members, it utilizes license plate recognition software to identify you each time you arrive for a wash. Join now by clicking here. You’ll be glad you did.

• Cashier Lane—staffed during open hours by one of our Service Advisors who will help you select which wash best suits your needs. Our Cashier Lane is the only lane that accepts all forms of payment, including coupons.

• Credit-Card Lane—select your own wash using a touch-screen terminal. Simply press to select which wash, inside cleaning, and other premium services you’d like. Our Credit-Card Lane only accepts Credit/Debit cards. If you have cash or coupons, please use our Cashier Lane.

Thank you for frequenting Charlie's Car Wash! We offer the following discount opportunities:
• Unlimited Wash Plans- Our greatest discount opportunity for weekly washers! Click here to learn more.
• Wash Books - Our Wash Books provide a 20% discount. Click here to learn more.

We wash a lot of dirty vehicles. However, we cannot wash vehicles with “caked-on” mud because the mud can get stuck on the cloth in our tunnel, making it impossible to clean your vehicle and any vehicles behind you. Removing the mud prior to you reaching the cloth would require us to stop the conveyor. We cannot do that because it significantly slows down the wash time for you and any other customers ahead of you on the conveyor and customers behind you. Stopping the conveyor can also be very uncomfortable for those already in the tunnel, especially for customers in the cloth portion of the tunnel. Additionally, our drainage pits and environmental treatment systems are not designed to process heavy mud. There are strict regulations we must follow to dispose of the mud we remove from your vehicle. It involves hiring a third party to pump out our system and haul off all of the debris to dispose of it properly.


No, all Unlimited Plans are per vehicle. We’ve priced our Unlimited plans to provide each vehicle with our largest discount opportunity and your discount grows the more you wash.

Your email address will be your login to manage your account, such as electing to receive wash receipts and a monthly summary. We will also use it to communicate any important updates.

For a flat monthly rate, wash as much as you want! Your credit card will automatically be billed on your monthly anniversary date.

Your license plate will be read by our license plate recognition system when you drive up to the QwikPass Lane. It will pull your account up on the screen, and allow you to select your services. If you decide to add any services not included in your Unlimited plan, the extra amount will automatically be charged to your credit card.

There are no long-term commitments. Cancel any time before your next anniversary date to avoid the next renewal charge.
Sign up here!

QwikPass Auto-Pay has absolutely no extra charges or fees. You’ll only pay for the services that you receive. Setup your automatic payment method. Each time you visit your license plate will be read automatically when you pull into the QwikPass Lane. It will pull your account up on the screen and then automatically charge your credit card for the services you choose. Sign up here!

Yes. We have special pricing available for volume purchases. We are a perfect gift idea if you’re looking for employee or customer awards, courtesy or thank-you gift giving, etc. Please contact us for details.

Locations & Hours

We are open from 7am - 8pm, Monday - Saturday and noon - 7pm on Sunday. We are closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day so employees are able to spend time with their families.

Absolutely! We will not close due to the temperature. We only close when the driving conditions make it unsafe for our team to get to work.


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